LIFE - Remembering the tragic loss of 8.8 million lives

26th October, 2017 - Marble Arch is tonight lit up by a projection highlighting the 8.8 million lives lost in 50 years of abortion.


The Life Charity has tonight issued a statement concerning tomorrow's (27th October) anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act 50 years ago.

"Thousands of people across the UK will tomorrow observe a minute silence at 11.05 am, the time of the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, which has resulted in 8.8 million lives being ended in the womb over the last 50 years.

Tomorrow’s 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act comes at a time when the powerful income-driven, multi-million-pound abortion industry is lobbying for total decriminalisation of abortion

Life’s Education Director Anne Scanlan said “We will use the day to recommit ourselves to the struggle to protect the vulnerable and voiceless unborn and their mothers, from a money-hungry abortion industry and its allies. Only recently we heard of bonuses being given for more babies to be terminated. After years of scandalous revelations about health and safety risks to pregnant women in crisis, no one should be under any illusion about the real motives and interests of the abortion industry.

As if it is not enough that abortion clinics have ended 8.8 million lives since 1967, at a rate of one life every three minutes, they are now demanding abortion on demand. The conditions of the Abortion Act which they have twisted, abused and blatantly flouted for many years, with impunity, now stand as business impediments to their agenda to expand their market for the termination of unborn children.

Life has spent almost five decades providing practical support to empower women to continue with their pregnancy. There are thousands of people alive today because Life reached out to their mothers with the support needed at a time of crisis. We have responded to the abortion industry’s culture of death and maltreatment of women with a culture of life, compassion and respect for women and their unborn children.

We will remain steadfast in our support of women in the face of increased intimidation from the abortion lobby at all levels. We will remain steadfast in the struggle to protect the unborn child. They should know....we are here to stay!"